Car Scent Diffuser


Our minimalistic car scent diffuser features a glass bottom and a wooden top that is  stylish and low maintenance . The small glass jar is filled with high quality, phthalate free essential oil infused fragrance oil that provides long lasting scent for up to 30+ days.

 **Note: Liquid color may vary from photos based on scent chosen.

Instructions: unscrew the wood top and carefully remove the stopper in the bottle. Screw the wooden diffuser top back on tightly. tilt the bottle slightly to the side (for 1-2 seconds and allow the top to soak up the oil. Tie on to the rear view mirror or hang in a small space.

Occasionally tilt the diffuser to strengthen the scent.

. **WARNING: Be sure wooden lid is on tightly and do not oversaturate to avoid dripping on dashboard. If spillage occurs, wipe immediately to avoid damage